Morning Greens Smoothie and The Recovery Run


13 weeks until the Boston Marathon!  I am so excited.  Training is just beginning to pick up and I’m excited for some challenging runs ahead of me.  After a couple of years of sub-par training due to injuries, I am finally ready to challenge myself and work hard during my training for Boston.     […]

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Speedwork Workouts

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 11.10.27 AM

  Life has been soooo busy lately! Between work, running The Wood Spoon, teaching cycling classes, training for the Philadelphia Marathon, traveling home or to see Harry almost every weekend (literally), planning the wedding (I feel like I should be stressed about this? Everyone says so.  I don’t feel it. haha. Maybe I will…), & […]

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The Importance of Recovery

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.28.50 PM

Recently, I have done A LOT of races (for me, anyway).     2/22/15: Central Park Marathon (that got canceled at the start line…more on that later..I ran it anyway) 3/15/15: NYC Half Marathon 4/26/15: NJ Marathon 5/3/15: Broad Street Run (10 miles) 5/16/16: Brooklyn Half Marathon   Phew, that gets me tired just looking […]

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Groove Repeats


The picture above is of my boyfriend, Harry, and I running the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia in 2012 (we are in the bottom right hand corner).  My sister found this photo COMPLETELY randomly and noticed that we were in it…what are the chances of that happening?!? ….especially considering that about 40,000 people run this race. […]

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“Why Runners Can’t Eat Whatever They Want”


  In the March 2014 issue of The Wall Street Journal an article was published that talks about the risk of coronary artery disease in runners, specifically marathoners and ironman competitors.  The article talks about Dave McGillivray, the director of the Boston Marathon.  He has completed an impressive 130 marathons and several Ironman-distance triathlons and was diagnosed with […]

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The New Jersey Marathon 2015 Recap


On Sunday April 26th, I ran my 8th Marathon- The New Jersey Marathon.  Going into this race, it had been 5 years since I last had a PR (2010 Philadelphia Marathon 3:35:24) and 4 years since going to the Boston Marathon (I ran in 2011).  With each passing year after that, my times got slower […]

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